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The Native Trails Series

One of the great things about being out in nature is that you are surrounded by amazing plants. You can use them for food, medicinal purpose or just enjoy their beauty and wonder! This program will take us on a journey through some forests where we'll find many different kinds depending upon what our guide prefers - but no matter how much time passes since last visiting this place ourselves because every season brings new possibilities here. 

Watch the Full Playlist:

Episode One: American Indian Medicine with Guide Chief Soaring Bird

The mountains are full of wisdom and plants that can heal you. Join our guide, Chief Soaring Bird for an introduction to wild edible as well medicinal plant life found only in these forgotten places deep within the woods!

Episode Two: About Camellias

Come along the trails of Clemson University, to Dr. Luther W Baxter's personal garden where he shares his secrets for success with a Camellia plant.

Episode Three, Part One: Americas Wild Turkey

Allen Palmer spent six years exploring the natural landscapes of South Carolina to film this 12-month video diary. He captured footage displaying an unmatched interaction between turkeys and deer that are not seen anywhere else!

Episode Three, Part Two: Americas Wild Turkey

With his deep knowledge of turkey behavior, habitat and breeding patterns as well as feeding patters; Lovett Williams answers frequently asked questions about these intriguing birds. He has spent years studying wild turkeys in all parts across North America from coast-to mountain westward into Mexico where he was able to capture rare scenes on film for our viewing pleasure!

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