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About Allen Palmer Series

With a rich history in South Carolina, these videos will take you through the life of Allen Palmer and his friends and family. Includes reunions, property tours, and honoring the Post 120 Honor Guard.

Watch the Full Playlist:

The Palmer Way Cabin Tour

Palmer Way is a serene, picturesque cabin nestled in the Sumpter National Forest. It has its own detached little building that can be used for anything from storage to hosting guests or even as an artist's studio! At each turn of Palmer way lies another beautifully carved piece created by David Brown.

The Palmer Boys Reunion

This is a story about four generations of Palmers - themselves, their parents and grandparents. The first generation was my great grandfather who grew up in Seneca before moving to South Carolina where he met my grandmother on one of his trips back home from work as an engineer for the railroad tracks between North and South Carolina. They had six kids including 2 sets o identical twins.

Photos of Allen Palmer

View our gallery of professional headshots, family photos and candid shots of Allen Palmer.

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