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Hobby & Instructional Series

Learn all about the different types of crafting available, like crocheting or knitting. Or maybe you're interested in learning more than one skill? There's no wrong answer when it comes down what will keep curiosity alive.

Watch the Full Playlist:

Learn to Crochet with Maria | Beginner Crochet

Learn to Crochet with internationally renowned designer and instructor Maria Cook. You'll learn the basics, how it’s done professionally by an expert in this field! We will cover 2 projects throughout our time together.

Learn to Knit with Maria | Beginner Knitting

Learn to knit with the talented Maria Valencia Cook as she demonstrates her favorite beginner-level patterns. From scarves and tank tops, you will be able make your own items at home!

Taxidermy: Mounting the Whitetail Deer

Work with Allen Palmer, South Carolina's leading taxidermist and mounted deer artiste. He will show you how to mount your own deer in this video lesson series on crafting for beginners!

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